Products for Pigeons are Ordered through Baden Feeds.  To keep product as fresh as possible, not all products are regularly stocked at McBraynes.  Also,we do not always go in their area for product pickups but if customers give us an idea as to the pigeons' needs depending on their activity, we will do the best we can to accommodate.

In Stock at McBrayne's is: 
CTI Young Bird (no corn mix)
                Breeding Mix        
               Guillio Mix
               Y2K Racing Mix
           Millenium Mix
              18% Pigeon Pellets
              Super Flyer Mix

Note:  Continue to read the McBrayne web page.  "Special Order Mixed Feeds" could someday be a stocked item depending on demand by customers. 

Some of the other mixed feeds available by special order from Baden: 
                              Utility Mix (no corn) 
                              Moulting Mix 
                              Tippler Mix 
                              Conditioner Mix 
                              Premium Pigeon Mix 
                              Vinny's Special Mix
                              Premium Pigeon Mix 
                              DB Racing Mix 
                              Winter Mix 

Other Grain from Baden:  Malt Barley 
                                     Safflower Seed



Miscellaneous Shelf Products Available
      Manufacturer  -  Natural Grains from Belgium
 Info taken from Natural's booklet.

(if a stock item at McBrayne's, 

                   it is marked by an asterisk ** )

**Vitamineral  600 g   and    2.5 kg   -  A special vitaminized mineral mix for racing pigeons.  Contain all the minerals necessary for a balanced diet.  In addition to essential minerals, Vita-mineral contains vitamins A, D and E which are required for the assimilation of these minerals. Vitamins have good influence on the growth of the youngsters, fertility and enhances their resistance to disease.  May be used all year round and offer as free choice and the pigeons will eat it when needed.
There will be a marked consumption when pigeons return from a race and during breeding and moulting.

**Picking Stone 620 g   -  Contains a dozen of natural ingredients.  Contains clay, seaweed, magnesium, grit, red-stone, oyster shells, stomach grit, charcoal, etc. and oligo-elements. It does not contain any appetite stimulating substances and meets a natural habit of the pigeon. 
Pigeon will only pick as needed during breeding, after a race or during the moulting season. 

**Natural PIKPOT 400 g   -  Contains roughly the same ingredients as the Natural Picking Stone.  It also contain an important contribution of minerals and trace elements made from natural products without added appetite-enhancing substances.

**Natural Hi-Calcium Grit 2.5 kg
Is a mixture of silex, redstone and oyster shells.  It does not contain any appetite-enhancing substances.  Various components are essential for an optimum digestion and to increase the effectiveness of the grinding of the grains in the gizzard so that all nourishing substances can be perfectly assimilate.  The red brick particles and shell fragments provide the necessary minerals and trace-elements.
The Natural Grit is heated to over 200 ° C to eliminate all harmful micro-organisms.

**Redstone 2.5 kg
       (Also available in 25 kg but by special order at McBraynes)
Is made of clay fired at very high temperatures (over 1,000 °C)  in a furnace before being ground.  Red-stone is also one of the ingredients of the Natural Grit which consists of oyster shells, silex and red stone.   It is rich in minerals and trace elements.  Before and after, laying hens are in urgent need for it. 


**Naturavit Plus 250 ml   
also available in 500 ml) but not stocked regularly at McBraynes) 

Vitamin B1 , which permits the degradation of fatty acids and carbohydrates.  The heightened metabolism of the pigeon, particularly during the racing season, highlight the enormous importance of this vitamin.
Vitamin D which plays an important part in the regulation of the phosphocalcium metabolism.  Necessary in the formation of the skeleton.
Vitamin A is essential for the growth of young pigeons and has anti-infectious and anti-parasitic effect.
Vitamin E which is indispensable to optimal muscle and nerve function with a positive influence on fertility.
Vitamin K is anti-haemorrhagic.  The diet of pigeons kept in aviaries should be enriched with this vitamin.
Naturavit Plus is wholly soluble in water and pleasant-tasting.  Allows a rapid and complete absorption of vitamins by the pigeon.  Regular administration of Naturavit Plus protects the pigeon against avitaminosis and will result in maximum racing performances.   It is a multi-vitamin complex of outstanding quality and stability.

**Vitaminor Brewer's Yeast 350 g
(850 gram available but not at McBraynes)
is grown on wort, grains and sugar derivatives.  The raw material is only obtained from breweries.  It is a 100 percent natural product rich in amono-acids, vitamins and organic mineral elements that are completely assimilated by the pigeon's organism.  Vitaminor provides a comples of natural B-vitamins, which are important for the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and therefore in the physiology of the racing effort. 
B - vitamins have therefore a positive influence on the physical efforts which the pigeon needs to produce.   It is a growth factor in the diet of young pegeons and also enhances their resistance to various diseases and stress.
It has a very favourable effect on the fertility of the breeding pairs and on the vitality of the youngsters.

Electrolit  240 g  -  the heightened metabolism and substantial exertion of the pigeon in flight result in numerous waster products.  In the elimination of urea, uric and phosphoric acid, lactic and carbonic acid, mainly sodium ions are consumed and elimination is therefore dependent on the quantity of these ions available to the pigeon.  Water loss is also appreciable during flight.   For all these reasons it is important to give pigeons Natural Electrolit on their return from a race.
This energy-drink effectively compensates water and electrolyte depletion and progressively restores the acid-base equilibrium.  It also represents an immediate energy gain (glucose) which markedly shortens the recovery period.  Diseases such as adenovirosis and paramyxovirosis cause diarrhoea resulting in a major loss of mineral s and water loss.  Natural Electrolit prevents dehydration caused by diarrhoea and accelerates the recovery from a disease.


**Naturaline  1 litre   -  is a concentrated extract concocted from some fifteen varieties of selected plants and greens.  Naturaline also contains Echinazea extracts that enhance the general resistance of the pigeon.
Naturaline keeps pH-values naturally at the proper level.  The component plants and greens of Naturaline have been carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. That is why pigeons that reuglarly receive Naturaline in their drinking water present a rosy skin, indicating that their blood is pure and free from toxins.  Their plumage becomes glossy and displays a unique rich, creamy smoothness.  Moreover, the pigmentation and lustre of the eye are heightened.  These external signs reflect an optimal health, which enables the pigeons to better resist disease and improve their performance.

Tea  300 gram
  -  Extensive research has led to the conclusion that Natural Tea facilitates the conditioning of pigeons in a wholly natural manner during the racing season.  It even enhances that condition.  Natural Tea also ensures rapid recovery after an effort.

**Garlic Oil 150 ml
( also 450 ml available but not a stocked item at McBraynes)  
Garlic Oil stimulates gastric secretion and prevents fermentation and digestive disorders.  It improves the blood circulation and affords protection of the air ways and protection against worms.  Most pigeon fanciers are familiar with the terapeutic action of garlic and many are having their pigeons benefit from it. 
Natuarl garlic oil is composed of pure garlic extracts and refined soya oil, rich in linolenic and linoleic acid. 
Natural garlic oil also contains vitamins E that have a favourable effect on the fertility of the pigeons and are essential to obtain properly functioning muscels and nervous system in order to enhance the pigeon's condition and health.


       **Natural Bath Salt  650 ml  - is a high qulity product aimed at stisfying the most demanding pigeon fancier.
Natural Bath Salt gives a soft, smooth plumage and rids the epidermis of any flakiness (dandruff) without irritating the skin. It tones up and stimulates the organism when administered in a cold bath.  However, it relaxes the muscles and accelerates the recovery process at the return of races if the bath is warm.
Its natural disinfecting action provides a good body hygiene and rids the plumage of vermin. 
Recommended you add Natural Bath Salt to the bath water once or twice a month during moulting as it is important for the growth of new feathers not be disturbed by parasites.  This is particularly important during the moulting period as the tonic effect of the Natural Bath Salt stimulate blood circulation and helps the moulting of the down-feathers.
During the racing season, the regular use of Natural Bath Salt will keep the feathers glossy and smooth.
At their return from a difficult race, Natural recommends you add the contents of half a lid of Natural Bath Salt to a bucket filled with warm water and immerse the pigeons one by one for one minute while lightly massaging their pectoral muscles.

**Loft White 2.5 kg   -  It is a powerful absorbent and disnfectant made of finely ground chalk.  Simply dust some Natural Loft White on the spots with damp dropping to dry them.
One can also brush the loft floor with some Natural loft White during the daily maintenance, to remove all traces of dampness.  Natural Loft White THerefore contributes to the overall hygiene in the loft, and it gives the loft a scent of freshness.