Allen McBrayne- Owner

Allen McBrayne joined his father's firm on a full time basis in 1971 after attending the University of Guelph.  Today Al and his brother Bill work closely on all major decisions pertaining to the business, while maintaining individual responsibilities day to day. Al remains optimistic about the companies future. "As long as we remain focused on the customers wants and needs, McBrayne's Feeds "N" Needs has a bright future," notes Al.

Bill McBrayne- Owner

Bill McBrayne also worked for the family firm as a young teen in all areas of the business. Before joining McBrayne's as a full time employee Bill attended Ridgetown College earning a Agricultural Lab Diploma. Bill also has day to day responsibilities to the company which include plant maintenance. Bill noted that the company will continue to progress through change, innovation and determination and by encouraging our customers  "to profit from our experience."

Lloyd Elgie- Accountant, Inside Sales

Lloyd Elgie joined the company in 1975 with a well earned reputation as a skilled  business book-keeper/accountant. "His talent and skill served our father, Gordon very well and he's doing the same outstanding work for us", noted Al and Bill McBrayne.  Lloyd has reduced his work week, however his services are extremely important to McBrayne's and to our customers.  

Carl MacLean- Outside Feed Sales Representative

Carl MacLean effective November 1, 2012 moved to Nutreco/Shur Gain's employment as a Feed Sales Representative servicing the similar territory he was when employed by McBrayne Feed. He continues to promote feed sales for Nutreco's mixed feed for bulk deliveries to various farms as well as, he promotes McBrayne's business as a feed mill selling other Shur Gain products by bags. 
Knowlegeable and caring, his skills have been appreciated and welcomed by McBrayne customers since 1985. As outside feed sales manager with many years of experience, Carl has a wealth of knowledge regarding Shur Gain feed products.

Jean McBrayne- Inside Sales

 Jean McBrayne joined the McBrayne Family business as an employee in 1998. Inside Sales is an area that Jean enjoys as she is given the opportunity to help customers.  "That's what it is all about. Service and caring is a very powerful combination," recalled Jean. As well Jean has a host of "paper work" duties that just naturally come with the job.

Ken Mathewson- Driver, Yard Worker

Ken came to work at McBrayne's in 1988 and has throughout the years been an active driver and yard worker for McBrayne's Feed 'N' Needs. Ken and his wife Linda happily enjoy their children and grandchildren and summer life at their permanent trailer/cottage site off Lake Erie.    

Reg VanEvery- Mill Hand, Spare Driver