JUNE 2021


The rainfall we received the end of May was a happy sign.

Hopefully the COVID restrictions will offer a positive sign in June.

  LIQUID Chlorine

It seems the Media has gotten everyone all excited about liquid chlorine not being available this Summer.

We have heard from our supplier as well as from another source, that there should be plenty of liquid chlorine.  Therefore, there is no need to stock pile the product.      Available at McBrayne Feed –

10 Litre and 20 Litre sizes

  • 10 Litre the customer owns the jug and we fill it each time
  • 20 Litre In the beginning, the customer pays a deposit plus chlorine cost.  The next time, they will pay only for the chlorine only if the jug being returned is in good shape. (Cap is intact, jug not cracked and clean inside. ALSO  Please do not use the jugs for other liquids and then decide to return it to us.)

At the end of the season, the deposit for the 20 Litre is returned when the above conditions as shown by the under-lined area above are met.

Also available are other Pool Supplies :

  • Leaf Skimmers                        
  • Test strips
  • Vinyl Repair Kit                      
  • Thermometer
  • Algaecides (Whamo and Nok Out)
  • Super Shock granules (450 grams
  • Filter Free (1 Litre)                     
  • Easy Shock Plus     1 kg
  • PH Up and PH Down                  
  • Sparkling Clear
  • Stain Free
  • Super Pucks

STAB or stabilizer we do not have.  Our supplier strongly suggests people have their pool tested before using STAB.  Using too much Stabilizer can result in multiple more problems later if conditions do not need more of the product.

There is some stabilizer in the chlorine Super Pucks.

McBrayne Feed do not have testing equipment to test your pool water.   Suggestions are  :

Bluewater Pools in Chatham


Splash in Wallaceburg.  


CHICK DAYS Continue!

Get your orders in to prevent being told they are sold out for a given delivery date.

Dates to Order            Delivery

May 25                           June 29

    RTL – SOLD OUT for June 29 delivery

June 28                                    August 3

August 3           Wednesday, September 8

  RTL – order by July 29    Delivery September 8


Equipment for Chickens

    Brooder Lamps,              Brooder Bulbs

    Feeders                                 Waterers

    Egg Cartons           Shavings for Bedding



Chick Starter (Medicated)       Grower Crumb

Layer Mash                             Layer Crumb

Duck Starter Crumb                Duck Grower Pellet

Turkey Starter      Turkey Grower (Both Medicated)

Turkey Finisher Pellet




Shur Gain JUNE Feed Specials

               $2.00 Off Per Bag

         $25.00 Off per Metric Tonne


-  Shur-Gain Fresh Start Beef Cow 


-  Shur-Gain Pasture Mate Beef Cow 


-  Shur-Gain Pro Beef Cow Mineral 

-  Shur-Gain Pro Crumb Beef Cow 



      Save $2.00 per Bag

Equiline Armour Performance Horse Ration



Article that just missed the June newsletter.     


  Buy breeding stock locally.

Sean McBrien and his wife live in Ridgetown.

Breeds are Southdown rams and ewes

Yearling rams can be registered if desired as well as the ewes

Call Sean's Cell:  519-437-1874







Rich's Remarks

   Ontario Pork’s report on May 28, 2021 states that the 100% formula price was $248.32/ckg DW.  This is up $10.23/ckg from last month’s newsletter.  The CME price was $113.47, which is up $6.58 from last month’s newsletter.  The Canadian Dollar is at $0.82829, which is up $0.01399 from last month.

     OMAFRA’s Ontario Market Hog Price Trend Sheet is not being produced right now.  Therefore I have looked at the futures numbers from Ontario Pork’s report on May 28, 2021 and calculated out the 100% formula prices for June $253.13, July $255.27, August $248.95, October $203.34 and December $182.41.  These are all up from last month’s newsletter.

     Ontario Pork Marketing Division offers a forward pricing program.  Blair Cressman and his team send out an email daily with options.  Since the chart would not show below, feel free to ask Carl or the Office for a hard copy of the charts from Friday, May 28, 2021.

Feed Cost (Corn, Soymeal and Premix)

Corn @ $335/Mt

Soybean Meal @ $555/Mt

Sows (27 p/s/y) = $16.65/piglet

Nursery = $15.70/pig

Grow/Finish (102kg HDW) = 114.92/pig

Total = $147.27/pig




Restricted or Commercial 

           Rat/Mouse Bait

As a reminder, please update your name on file to include your updated Pesticide Licence in order to purchase, restricted or commercial Rat/Mouse Bait.

As stated – “Effective January 1, 2021 every farmer must be certified by successfully completing the Grower Pesticide Safety Course to purchase and use pesticides that are federally designated as Restricted or Commercial.  These pesticides are now classified as Class B and C in Ontario respectively.”

The regulatory amendments 63/09 of the Ontario Pesticides Act came into force on May 1, 2020 changing Class 4 restrictions. Beginning January 1, 2021 a farmer will need a Pesticide Certificate to purchase Restricted or Commercial Products. The amendments will include changes to training requirements for farmers as well. 



Wool Growers

If you are in need of the Government Sheep tags, contact:    Ontario Sheep Farmers

                        130 Malcolm Road, Guelph

                        Ontario N1K 1B1

                        Telephone:  519-836-0043

                        Fax: 519-836-2531




      Has anyone else noticed how quickly the days seem to fly by ? We are almost halfway through 2021 already. Most of our crops have been planted and sprayed, many cattle are out on pasture, haylage is currently being cut, and soon we will be baling the 1st cut dry hay. The months seem to be passing as quickly as the weeks once did.

     Pay close attention that you harvest your forages in a timely fashion. Feed analyses demonstrate the negative impact that delayed harvesting can and does have on the quality of your feed. The drier it gets, the more risk there is that you will lose its optimal value due to leaf loss. Why would you not maximize your home-grown feed by harvesting when it’s ready to be cut ? Turn-around time from the day I submit a sample until I receive the results back from our Lab is normally 5 days or less.

      On June 1st Dave Crossan, the gentleman to whom I have reported since I was hired by Shur Gain several years ago, was appointed to the position of General Manager – Central Region for Trouw Nutrition Canada. He is now “the main man.” This is an excellent choice in my opinion. Dave joined Shur Gain directly out of University 18 years ago and has risen through the ranks since that time. He is knowledgeable, personable, raises beef cows and calves, and cash crops after 5:00 PM like so many of you. I am confident that having someone so closely connected to the land, who knows farming, giving direction to our company will be a definite benefit to the farm community.

     The St Mary’s manufacturing plant from which we draw all our bagged and bulk Shur Gain feed is continually upgrading and replacing equipment to improve the quality and consistency of our end product. The molasses unit underwent a major upgrade at the end of May intended to improve the consistency of all our textured feed products going forward. We should have a more uniform level of molasses as a result which should enhance the palatability to the livestock we are feeding. We strive to improve upon our feed quality and are always interested to hear from you, the end user, what you like or dislike about our feed.

     The June featured products are our Beef Cow minerals. The article on the reverse side of the flyer describes recent changes we have made with the launch of our Hi Range brand of Premium and Select Beef Cow minerals. These to briefly do so. specials are specifically timed to coincide with this launch. If I don’t catch you on farm in the near future to explain the features and benefits of each, ask Jean or Will at the counter


            CANADA DAY

              McBrayne Feed & Supply will be Closed for  Canada Day, Thursday July 1.

       Open Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 8 to 12 Noon

Be sure your feed orders are planned in advance.



  For Sale:  

              Galvanized feed bins 

             Call Henry @ 519-355-4503

For Sale

Heavy Bench Vise – 16” jaws.  $500 each

Call Pat @ Cell: 519-784-3354  

For Sale

Buy Breeding Stock locally.

Sean McBrien and his wife in Ridgetown have Southdown rams and ewes.  Yearling rams can be registered if desired, as well as the ewes.

Sean's Cell: 519-437-1874



       "SOLD OUT"