Thanksgiving Day is coming shortly October 10, 11, and 12th

 We plan to be open this long weekend:

          Saturday Morning, October 10                 

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Available is:      10-10-10,




In the Fall it is wise to keep the nitrogen low and the phosphorous and potash high.

Higher phosphorous and potash is good for the roots to toughen up over the Winter and to help with more growth in the Spring.  Grubs do not like tough roots to eat. 

If you use high amount of nitrogen, the grass does grow quicker but it causes the roots to become softer as the grass is working harder to produce the top growth.  Also if the weather changes quickly in the Fall before you are able to cut the grass, the excess growth will cause a lot of top, brown, matted grass in the Spring.  



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Shur Gain Pro Beef Cow Mineral 

Shur-Gain Pro Crumb Beef Cow Supplement

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Optivia Advantage NA 26/16 Milk Replacer 

Optivia Advantage PA 26/16 Milk Replacer 

Optivia High Performance PA 22/18 Milk Replacer


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Equiline Extruded High Performance Horse


Cooler Weather is Coming

       Start Thinking about Keeping Warm

The days will be starting to cool down and the Summer clothing will be needing a replacement to warmer wear.

In stock we have Unlined, long-sleeved, polyester-cotton coveralls in Regular and Tall sizing.  In addition, we do carry a few Short-sized coveralls.


Since customers commented on the new sock style we had for retail in the store last year, we have stocked them again. They are described as a Polar Paw casual, acrylic merino wool blend sock in assorted colours.



  The completion of the corn silage harvest and the daily progress combining soybeans signals that the Fall 2020 harvest season is fully underway.   The increased activities and busyness often lead to accidents and injuries as everyone is trying to complete tasks before that next rain.   Please be careful to work safely.   Lives are more valuable than doing something recklessly in the interest of time.   Farmers and town folk alike should be vigilant and extra cautious of all the large heavy equipment on the roads as tomatoes are being delivered to the factory and farmers are moving combines from field to field and hauling their crop into the elevators.   Vehicles travelling at highway speed quickly overtake slower moving farm equipment on the road.   We should all be careful approaching and passing them too.   Safety is not an attitude to ignore.

      Currently there is a shortage of corn in our province which has led to higher prices across the entire commodity market.  Feed prices have increased as the supply has dwindled.  We should see this trend reverse once the new crop begins to come off.  Soybean meal and distillers’ prices are also firm due to the Summer closure of most crush plants for routine maintenance too.  DDGs are trading at a huge premium to competitive ingredients at present. 

     As I have frequently mentioned in the newsletters, sampling your forages is a smart way to determine the quality of what you are feeding your livestock.  I carry a probe and sample bags with me in my truck regularly if you would like to do so.  Standard analyses normally run around $35.00 to complete.



         Ontario Pork’s report on Sept 30, 2020 states that the 100% formula price was $184.77/ckg DW.  This is up $50.89 since last month’s newsletter.  The CME price was $76.31, which is up $19.63 from last month’s newsletter.  

     OMAFRA’s Ontario Market Hog Price Trend Sheet is not being produced right now.  Therefore I have looked at the futures numbers from Ontario Pork’s report on Sept 30 and calculated out the 100% formula prices for October $175.06, December $149.71, February $161.89, April $172.25, May 183.64 and June 194.36.  These are all up dramatically from last month’s newletter.

     There is numerous conferences and events going virtual this year.  Keep an eye out for some you would not be able to normally attend.  Banff Pork Seminar (January 2021) and The Porc Show (December 2020) are both going to virtual shows.  The Southwest Ontario Pork Congress has been cancelled for February 2021.  The London Swine Conference in March 2021 has not be finalized how it will proceed.

     There has been some high moisture corn and lots of silage corn come off.  If early indications are true, it looks like vomitoxins will be low again this year and yield will be good in areas that received the rains.

     There is also a group of producers that are looking to start up another co-operative packing plant in Ontario.  If you are interested in more details, please contact me.                                      




  • 4 Gal Pro Series Backpack  Sprayer  $99.99  (Code 0364323)

  • 50 Pack 24” Heavy-Duty Cable $12.99

  • 333g Fluid Film Rust Protectant $12.99

  • Bulk Grade 5 bolts  $8.29/kg



For Sale:

  • 3 Liquid Fertilizer Tanks – 500 gallon each with Bungs and Bells.                                                                                                      Ask for Dave: 519-358-2544


4 x 4 round bales stored inside

  • 25 -  1st cut grass
  • 50  -  1st cut alfalfa
  • 50  -  3rd cut, wrapped baleage

Call Henry at 519-355-4503 if interested.


  • Muscovy ducklings.                                                                                                 Ask for Rino @ 519-692-3664


  • 12 Ewes For Sale                                                                                                   Call Marlene @ Call 226-627-2704




Rodents are Moving In     

 to Warmer Locations too.

With the crops coming off and the weather turning cooler, the mice and rats will be picking out their residence for the Winter. 

Remember to Rotate the bait to be most effective,

Re- Check it regularly and you will

Be Ready.

Ratak Pellet Packs

Weatherblok Chunks

Jaguar Pellet Packs

Jaguar Chunks Fast Draw

Boothill Bars

Hombre Chunks

Hombre Bars

Bait Boxes

Sticky Boards

Mouse and Rat Traps 

As a Reminder:

           Changes to Certification

         Requirements for Farmers

Effective January 1, 2021 every farmer must be certified by successfully completing the Grower Pesticide Safety Course to purchase and use pesticides that are federally designated as Restricted or Commercial.  These pesticides are now classified as Class B and C in Ontario respectively.

The regulatory amendments 63/09 of the Ontario Pesticides Act came into force on May 1, 2020 changing Class 4 restrictions. As a result, farmers will be able to purchase rodenticides containing bromadiolone for example using a Farm Card such as OFA until December 31, 2020. Beginning January 1, 2021 a farmer will need a Pesticide Certificate to purchase Restricted or Commercial Products.   The amendments will include changes to training requirements for farmers as well. 

A Class 4 pesticides list is maintained for this purpose for the remainder of the year. 

See the list on:      www.ontario.ca/page/class-4-pesticides.

Sign-up – Online at opep.ca    or     Call 1-800-652-8573 Course Fee is $105.00      

The Lighter Corner 

“A Play on Words”

·         My Uncle names his dogs Rolex and Timex.  They’re his watch dogs!

·         Did you hear about the Italian chef who died?  He pasta way!

·         I found a wooden shoe in my toilet today.       It was clogged.

·         I don’t play soccer because I enjoy the sport.  I’m doing it for kicks!

·         I think my wife is putting glue on my antique weapons collections.  She denies it but I’m


         sticking to my guns!

·         Someone complimented my parking today!  They left a sweet not on my windshield that said

    “parking fine.”

·         Why do trees seem suspicious on sunny days?  They just seem a little shady!

Chick Days     

No more Chick Day News until February 2021.

First orders will be in March 2021 for delivery in April 2021 .