July 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day!




  • 4-pack sticky tape
  • Pony XP
  • Ultra Shield 1 litre and 3.78 litre
  • Roll-on (Works well around ears and noses of horses and dogs.
  • KO418D fly & mosquito spray
  • Ant Out Products
  • Spider/Insect Destroyer
  • Fly Bag Traps
  • Foam Insecticide II
  • Mosquito Barrier  
  • Mosquito BGON Max 


Following products are in the group requiring either a pesticide licence and/or farmer's registration.

  • Disvap IV    3.78 litre (You can spray on the animals)
  • Disvap V      3.78 litre (Spray on around buildings)
  • Konk 400 with Baygon
  • Commercial Konk
  • Premium Fly Bait                       


Chick Days Continue   

By the time you receive the newsletter, we will be looking ahead to August 4 for the next delivery.

Be sure to call in your orders as soon as you have a plan because we have been told the incubators could be sold out with orders before they have set the eggs to start incubating. This year has been really busy for birds !

After August 4, the last delivery for 2020 at McBrayne Feed will be Wednesday, September 9.


Ready-to-Lay Hens 

We have been informed by the hatchery that the RTL Hens are sold out already for September 9 for my location.

RTL Hens have been a Hot Item for Retail this year as people are starting to keep hens for their own eggs. 

August 4 and September 9 are the last orders for day old chicks and turkeys at McBrayne Feed in 2020.


   We are pleased that the monthly feed specials which were curtailed in May/June are back.   As you will note the Beef Cow, Premium Sheep and Goat minerals are all reduced by $2.00 per bag this month regardless of quantity purchased.

     I want to re-emphasize the negative impact of heat stress (combination of high temperatures coupled with high humidity) on all animals again.  The Summer has only began and we have experienced several days of mild to moderate stress.  Common sense is the best way to prevent distress brought on by our failure to account for their needs;  ensure that they have access to a plentiful supply of cool, clean water at all times, as well as adequate ventilation, shelter and shade whether they are inside or out.  When God gave mankind “Dominion over all the animals of the world”, he expected that we would treat them respectfully in all areas. We do have a handout available to evaluate On-Farm Heat Stress for the asking, if you are interested.

     I routinely carry a probe and supply of feed sample bags with me in the truck for those who wish to have your hay or rations analyzed at our Shur Gain Lab.  The quality of your feed is directly proportionate to the quality of your on-farm ingredients.


  The price of soymeal today is identical to what it was one month ago.   There was a $10/tonne swing the past month but pricing has been consistent and indications are that will continue to be the case barring on unforeseen event.    




          Ontario Pork’s report on June 26, 2020 states that the 100% formula price was $110.44/ckg DW.   This is down $47.23 since last month’s newsletter.   The CME price was $44.99, which is down $18.38 from last month’s newsletter.   

     OMAFRA’s Ontario Market Hog Price Trend Sheet is not being produced right now.  Therefore I have looked at the futures numbers from Ontario Pork’s report on June 26 and calculated out the 100% formula prices for July $115.24, August $126.18, October $124.19 and December $129.99.

     From the numbers I have seen and reports I have read, the US is processing lots of pigs. Even with some being shut down because of COVID 19.  For the week of June 26, the US slaughtered 2,641,000 hogs.  This is up 111% from last year.  The week before was 105% or 2,587,000 market hogs.  The US sow slaughter numbers have been running 12% to 17% higher than last year.  I have read some reports that state the US sow herd inventory could be down as much as 250,000 sows.  This will help prices down the road. 

     Hope you have a safe wheat harvest.  If you are planning on feeding your wheat to you pigs, please do not hesitate to reach out to Carl or myself for diets. 




Upcoming Events

  No Events to Report at this time.





  Breeding Ewes For Sale

  • April born ewe lambs from highly prolific stock.                                                                       Hybrid, vigorous and fast growing. 

Dorset x Rideau and/or Arcott x Suffolk             

$250 each or $200 for groups of 4 or more.       

Some Rams as well.  Call 226-627-2704


 For Sale:

  • 25 first cut 4 x 4’ bales of 2020 grass hay stored                                                                              inside.                                                                                                                                                                                  Call Henry @519-355-4503 if interested.

Shur Gain Specials

$2.00 off per Bag 


Shur-Shur Gain Pro Beef Cow Mineral 

Shur-Gain Pro Crumb Beef Cow Supplement


Shur-Gain Dairy Goat Mineral 

Shur-Shur- Gain Premium Sheep Mineral 


Equiline Equiline Yearling Conditioner 

Equiline Shine


                  (COVID Email thoughts)



1.  I see a big baby boom coming our way in nine months.  They will be 

    called the C-19 Babies & the #1 baby names will be “Charmin & Scott”

2.  People are scared of getting fined for congregating in crowds.  As if 

    catching a deadly disease and dying a horrible death was not enough 

     of  a  deterrent.

3.  If you believe all this will end and we will get back to normal once      

    we  re- open everything…  

     Raise Your Hand.   Now slap yourself with  it.

4.  Another Saturday night in the house and I just realized, even the 


     trash  goes out more than me.

5.  Whoever decided a Liquor Store is more essential than a Hair Salon is 

     obviously a bald- headed Alcoholic.

6.  Remember when you were a youngster and all your underwear had 

    the  days of the week on them.   Those would be helpful right now.

7.  The Spread of COVID-19 is Based on two factors:

     How Dense the Population is

     How Dense the Population is

8.  Remember all those times when you wished the weekend would last 

     forever.  Well, Wish Granted.  Happy Now?

9.  Did a BIG load of pyjamas so I would have enough clean work clothes      

     for  this week.