During April we have experienced some bazaar temperature changes.  One day you need a winter coat and the next day, people are wearing shorts.

From what we are hearing by the news, the weather is to change to more seasonal temperatures the first weekend in May.

With that being said, “Tractor and Machinery rodeos should  actively be starting if it is not too wet after the rainfall”


Come Early to buy your Seeds.

  • We have Green Beans and Yellow Beans.             
  • For Sweet Corn, we have Peaches & Cream, Big Jim III and Honey Select.         

                          Number of days for maturity is 72 to 79 days.

  • Seed Display is ready for selecting your favourite seed. The last few years the seeds did go quickly!
  • Early April, Dutch Sets and Red Sets are available in smaller quantities.

                               (500 gram and 1 kg)

SOLD OUT are:  Seed Potatoes, Peas, Bodacious Sweet Corn, Spanish Sets


    Fertilizer for Lawns and Gardens

    10-10-10          21-6-12            6-24-24           16-16-16

                   (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash)

    Has everyone done the raking of their yards of sticks, stones old leaves and other garbage that may have blown in the yard over the Winter.

    If your excuse is “You don’t have a rake” .  Come to McBrayne Feed and we will see if we can find a style you like.  We do not supply the ambition to do the job.

    According to an Agronomist: – “It is best to use a higher phosphorus and potash in the Fall or Early Spring because it helps to strengthen the roots. Grubs do not like tough roots.

    Keep the Nitrogen low and the grass will grow slower which is good to prevent a lot of top growth before you finish raking up stones, leaves, small sticks. 

    High Nitrogen causes the roots to work harder to grow the top growth and in turn, it eventually softens the roots.

    A favourite fertilizer for lawns by customers later in the Spring or Early Summer is 21-6-12 (Slow release Urea).




    We have been officially told by Brennan Poultry Processing’s Owner – “They will be in business May 30, 2023.” 

           Exactly a year from when it burned down.


    Chick Days           

                              Order RTL Early

                                 No Later than

    Order Day-Olds        **               Delivery

    May 1                       N/A               June 6

    May 23                   May 15           June 27  (Ready-to-Lay - Sold out)

    June 26                    N/A               Aug 1

    Aug 1                      July 27           Sept 6


    • Bonnie Heavy Reds are not available again in 2023
    • White Rock are sold only as MIX – (not sorted)
    • RTL – order early. They sell quickly.



       -Chick Starter              - Chick Grower Crumb

       -Turkey Starter, Turkey Grower & Turkey Finisher

       - Duck Starter             - Duck Grower

       - Layer Crumb    &     - Layer Mash

    As well as some equipment

        Brooder Lamps,                   Brooder Bulbs

        Feeders                                 Waterers

        Egg Cartons                Shavings for Bedding


    Chicken Crates

    In the past, we were able to locate used chicken crates but each year it was getting more difficult to find them or if we did, it was not economical to drive the long distance.

    For now, we will be purchasing new crates from a supplier.  If you should need a crate or more than one crate, let us know to be ready for the Ready-to-Lay Birds to be transferred from the truck.


    As written by the Hatchery,

    “We would like to remind you about our pricing policy for RTL Pullets in 2023.  If unforeseen, significant cost increases are incurred, it may be necessary to re-evaluate our pricing for the June through September 2023 RTL pullets.  RTL Prices will be re-evaluated on May 19, 2023 and again on July 28, 2023.  If there is a need for RTL pricing changes, we will inform the dealers by email on these dates.”

    When McBrayne Feed takes early orders for RTL whether placed prior to the increase for a given delivery date, the price will be changed according to the Hatchery’s latest email to the Dealers.


    AVIAN INFLUENZA – continues to be a serious concern for the Poultry Industry again this year.  The disease could be carried by the Spring migrating birds.  The current Avian Influenza strain is highly contagious.  We encourage all small flock growers to practice strict bio-security protocols around their birds.

    • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the pens before the birds arrive.
    • Containers for transporting RTL Pullets should be thoroughly washed before the customer receives their new pullets.
    • Consideration should be given to changing footwear upon entering the chicken pen.
    • Protect birds from co-mingling with wild birds on the premise.


    We at McBrayne Feed have been stressing during the previous years the following :

    1. The containers we transfer to, should be washed thoroughly and disinfected.
    2. Be in good Repair
    3. Large enough for the number of birds ordered
    4. Name on the Cage.

    Chick ‘n Swell

    McBrayne Feed began carrying Chick ‘n Swell Products last Fall and have received positive results from a few customers.  With the Chicken season beginning, it is a good time to try their products.

    • Made in Canada (Canadian based Company in Quebec
    • 100% Natural
    • Health Product Approved & Registered by Health Canada.
    • Just recently they have been approved for the U.S. market.

    Interesting articles on the internet are shown below:  products

    In stock, we have ‘Chick ‘n Swell’

                          Breath, Gut, Egg and Refresh

    Also, we have Chick ‘n Swell 300 gram Packages of:  

                           Electrolyte, Vitamins + and Prebiotic.

    During April, we are offering a 25% discount to help you to decide to try it with your birds.


    Lisa’s Corner

    Happy May Everyone!

    This year is just flying by, and somehow the warm weather is already around the corner. Although we may be excited to be out in the fields and wearing shorts and t-shirts, our cows are less thrilled. Cows start to feel the impact of heat stress at only 20°C and even a small amount of humidity can make matters worse.

    Heat stress can lead to both immediate and downstream negative effects: we see decreased feed intake, milk and butterfat production, and conception rates, as well as increased standing times leading to delayed hoof health issues. Calves born to cows who suffered heat stress during their dry period can have decreased birth weight, reduced ability to absorb immunoglobulins from the colostrum, and, on average, will milk 4.5kg/day less in their first lactation!

    With all that in mind, this is your call to action to do some prep work: clean and service the fans in your barn, make sure all water sources are working, easy to access, and well cleaned, and discuss with your nutritionist any dietary heat abatement strategies that may be available.

    Take care,






    Just a reminder – When pricing bags of feed products, be sure to check the size of the bag. (20 kg versus 25 kg)

    We have noticed other local Feed Mills or Stores have been selling 18 to 20 kg bags instead of 25 kg and pricing accordingly.

    Result is the price does show a lower price.

    Remember to compare "Apples to Apples" when assessing the cost.


    Paint - TremClad has been moved out from McBrayne’s and replaced by a paint used more for Farm Equipment.

                          (9 colours available)


    Wanted – Round bales of Hay. 

    Contact David Williams @ 519-358-2544

    For Sale: - 4 x 5 Bales of Hay, Second Cut

    Stored Inside.  Call Clarence:  519-401-8681


    Royer shoe style – 5631GT (Romeo Collection)

    Description as per Royer Booklet.

    • Offers a perfect balance between work and style.
    • CSA certification
    • Non-Metallic puncture-resistant insole
    • Rubber outsole
    • Protection against electrical hazards
    • Pull-On shoe with sturdy elastic to facilitate the entry of the foot
    • Full Grain Leather
    • Direct-attach PU midsole
    • Comfortable and breathable R-Lite footbed

           Advantages – Good moisture transfer & Quick Drying, Enhanced shock absorption at heel, Continuour air flow,

    Adaptable arch support for better comfort and stability, Better Compression – very low deformation when a force applied several times.

    • Composite Protective Toe
    • In stock we have brown. Available is black when ordered.  Popular shoe. We have received 9.5, 10.5, 12 so far from Royer.  Hopefully more to arrive soon .


    Bekina Boots

    Don’t forget the CSA Thermolite Bekina boots are still on sale for 25% off.  Clearout Special for what is left in stock.

    Bekina Step-Lites (Not CSA) - Regular Price


    For Spring and Summer, we have within the store Short Sleeved coveralls made of Polyester Cotton material.

                            Choice of colour - Navy or Tan colour

                            Sizing in:  Regular or Tall.

         New in stock this year, we are gradually receiving a shipment of Short-Sleeve, Polyester

                 Cotton Tan Coveralls in SHORT Sizing.  


    With Spring in the air, there is a chance you will need a rainsuit.  We have two types that contain both the jacket and overalls.

    Green Colour – are a sturdier poly/fabric and offers a stronger protection for a longer period but they are more money.

    Yellow colour – is less expensive but the texture to withstand a lot of wear is less.  Ideal for the occasional wet days Or short employment such as corn detasselling.

    Black Hawk Boots – replaced the red-soled boots made by Baffin.  Our understanding is they are a fully moulded boot with no seams.

    Gel Fil Boots by Baffin are still available for retail.  We have been told by our supplier that they may be replaced eventually.  So far, they continue to be in production.


       McBRAYNE’s VICTORIA Weekend Schedule

                           May 20th          Saturday   OPEN          8 am to 12 Noon

                           May 21st          Sunday            CLOSED

                           May 22nd         Monday           CLOSED

                           May 23rd          Tuesday    OPEN         8 am to 5 pm