November 2019



   Community Living Lottery                                         2020

Grand Prize is January 1, 2020  Travel Prize up to the value of $4,000 or $2,000 Cash


Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct 2020  - 2 draws per specified month of $50 each


March  Michigan Golf Get away. 2 nights stay, 3 rounds of 18 hole golf, US $200 resort voucher & $200 gas card OR build your own trip to the value of $1,000 or $750 cash


May  Niagara-on-the-Lake Wine Discovery. 1 night stay, $50 breakfast voucher, $150 dinner credit, bottle of wine on arrival, wine tour & $200 Gas card OR build your own trip to the value of $1,000 OR $750 Cash


July  Build your own trip to the value of $1,000 or receive $500 hotel gift voucher, $300 meal voucher & $200 gas card OR $750 cash


Sept  Seneca Allegany Casino Break - Motorcoach transportation, 2 night stay, US $100 free slot play, US $40 voucher for food/retail, show at Seneca Niagara, Buffet lunch OR build your own trip to the value of $1,000 OR $750 cash.


Nov  Chicago City Getaway - Rail travel from Port Huron to Chicago, 2 night stay, 2 visit Sun & Stars pass to 360 Chicago Observation Deck, OR build your own trip to the value of $1,000 OR $750 cash.


Tickets are $50.00 each  .  Some tickets available at McBrayne Feed.  Only 425 tickets sold altogether.        Sold until November 29, 2019.  Ticket drawn the 1st Monday of each Month. Winning tickets are thrown back for a another chance to win.







Feed Products

        to Help Maintain Health

Kid/Lamb Colostrum

For Goats          

16% Just Kidding (Dry Dairy Goat Ration Pellet

20% Kid Goat Starter Ration (0% ECP) Pellet

17% Goat Developer

15% Billy Goat Gro-Finisher Ration Pellet

Dairy Goat Mineral

For Sheep 

16% Lamb Starter Ration with Bovatec .66% ECP

16% Lamb Starter Ration (No Bovatec)

35% Sheep Supplement (200) (3.3% ECP)

Premium Sheep Mineral

Other Helpful Products

·         Syringes and needles

  • Tasvax 8 , E-Sel
  • Colostrum,  Milk Replacer for kids and/or lambs
  • Bottles and nipples, Feeding pails
  • All Flex tags (not the government tags)
  • Castrator Rings and/or applicator
  • Goat feeding trough
  • Ritchie insulated, non-electric waterer

Wool Growers

If you are in need of the Government Sheep tags, contact:   Ontario Sheep Farmers

                        130 Malcolm Road, Guelph

                        Ontario N1K 1B1

                        Telephone:  519-836-0043

                        Fax: 519-836-2531